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Assessing Health Facilities in Ethiopia

ETHIOPIA - USAID conducted a two-week energy assessment of health facilities to make recommendations to PEPFAR.


Publications developed by USAID on providing reliable electricity and energy management at health facilities.


Powering Health is a knowledge portal at the crossroads of health, energy and development.  A product of USAID's Energy Team, the site highlights technical information and international best practices regarding access to energy in the health sector, as well as USAID's own work in the field.  Find out about USAID's Improving Health Facility Infrastructure (IHFI) project and what more Powering Health has to offer.


The USG PEPFAR program is a multi-country, multi-billion dollar initiative to prevent and treat HIV AIDS in developing countries ( The PEPFAR program in Ethiopia has found the effectiveness, sustainability, and reach of prevention, care and treatment programs are directly compromised by the lack of reliable power at health facilities.