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Technicians complete a lighting installation in the newly renovated triage area at HUEH. Technicians complete a lighting installation in the newly renovated triage area at HUEH.

Wiring Renovation Advances at HUEH

Wiring upgrades have been completed at the emergency ward of HUEH hospital in Port-au-Prince.  IHFI’s electrical focus at the facility compliments a larger renovation effort by USAID and other donors, currently underway at the hospital.

IHFI has completed the first two phases of wiring upgrades at the emergency ward of Hôpital de l’Université d’Etat d’Haïti (State University Hospital of Haiti), or HUEH, in Port-au-Prince. An assessment of conditions in the ward found that most of the electrical upgrades would be only minor interventions, such as the replacement of lighting, air conditioners, electrical outlets and wiring conduit. The ward’s west wing, however, had experienced extensive water damage from a leaking roof and required a major renovation.

The HUEH emergency ward is a two story building comprising a number of administrative, laboratory and medical areas, including triage, radiology and a pharmacy. In order to undertake a complete wiring rehab in all of these areas, construction was split into several phases.

Phase one, completed in July, focused on replacing lighting and other electrical equipment for one portion of the ward. Phase two completed this process for the remaining areas, including the triage, which was badly effected by water damage. The triage in the west wing underwent a complete renovation, including new wiring and conduit, as well as lighting, fans and outlets. All wiring was done in compliance with the National Electrical Code (NEC), and special care was taken to identify and address potential fire hazards. The second phase was completed on October 30th.

While IHFI’s work at HUEH revolved around electrical service, this is only one part of a far broader effort at the facility by USAID and other donors. IHFI coordinated with other USAID contractors doing basic infrastructure renovation, such as the construction of roofing and walls as well as painting. This type of cooperation has been critical to repairing and modernizing Haiti’s largest hospital, which dates back to 1915.

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