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IHFI Completes Guyana PV Installations

USAID’s Improving Health Facility Infrastructure (IHFI) project recently completed the installation of 12 solar photovoltaic systems at nine remote health clinics in Guyana.  Installations took place over a five-week period, with IHFI staff travelling alongside the installers to monitor progress, ensure code compliance and provide training to local technicians and health workers.

Standards and Technical Specifications

Properly drafted specifications and the use of international standards can allow each energy system to be tailored to meet the needs of the facility while still ensuring best practice design and installation protocols are followed.

A new medical testing device, about the size of a credit card, has overcome many of the challenges facing similar lab-on-chip diagnostics for HIV and other diseases.  This new development, the V-Chip, presents results that can be read instantly, and allows for up to 50 different tests at once.