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Haiti Updates

07.14.2014 - June training recap - IHFI and UGP co-organized a five-day training seminar for hospital technicians on maintenance and upkeep of batteries, inverters and diesel generators. The seminar also included an environmental management section related to backup power systems and electrical installations. The training took place the week of June 23-27, 2014 at UGP’s new training facility in Port-au-Prince (Delmas 81 #10). Seventeen technicians from 14 different hospitals and the Ministry of Health (MSPP) attended the training. 


06.23.2014 - Technician training continues - Level 1 technician training begins today!  IHFI is carrying out a Level 1 training on battery system and generator maintenance.  The hospital technicians taking part in the training will receive maintenance log books and tools to use at their respective health facilities.  This is the second Level 1 training of 2014.


04.24.2014 - Two Upcoming Trainings - IHFI will be holding two training classes in May.  The first, May 15th, will be for hospital administrators and medical directors.  The second, a Level 1 technicial training course, will begin on May 19th.


11.15.013 - Training Wraps Up, Documentary Filming Continues - The latest Level 1 technician training session finishes up today.  The workshop will feature as part of a documentary being produced on healthcare and energy challenges in Haiti.  Filming continues next week with visits to IHFI installation sites and interviews with local officials, health workers and technicians.


10.08.2013 - November Training Announced - IHFI will be conducting another Level I technicians' training, scheduled November 11-15.  IHFI's Level I training has become a standard curriculum that lays the groundwork for long-term battery and generator operation.  The upcoming training is expected to be featured in a documentary video on the IHFI program and the broader challenges in health and energy supply in Haiti; more information to be released soon.


09.30.2013 - MSPP Relocation - IHFI recently assisted in the transfer of Haiti's Ministry of Health headquarters to a temporarly facility co-located with the Centre Ambulancier National (CAN).  The new offices comprise 15 temporary buildings for which IHFI installed electrical wiring to the NEC.  IHFI was also responsible for the campus' electrical distribution system and 450kW generator. Training was provided to MSPP technicians on proper maintenance of the equipment.


09.16.2013 - Level II Training Starts Today - IHFI commences its second Level II training session today. Aimed at technicians with Level I training, the advanced training curriculum covers inverter programming and component replacement, the National Electric Code and environmental management.


07.24.2013 - July Training - IHFI and UGP co-organized a five-day training seminar for hospital technicians on maintenance and upkeep of batteries, inverters and diesel generators. The seminar also included a section on environmental management related to backup power systems and electrical installations. The training took place the week of July 15-19, 2013. Nineteen technicians from 13 different hospitals and the Ministry of Health (MSPP) attended the training. 


06.18.2013 - Upcoming Training - The next IHFI training workshop is scheduled for July 15-19, 2013.  This workshop will be another iteration of IHFI's Level I technician training program, which covers battery, inverter and generator operation and maintenance.  20-25 health facility energy technicians are expected to participate in the workshop taking place at the UGP training facility in Port-au-Prince.


05.08.2013 - Installer Training - IHFI conducted a special training program for private electrical technicians in Port-au-Prince, May 2-3.  The training covered inverter programming, NEC code and a demonstration on battery heath and failure modes by James Surrette, owner of Rolls-Surrette batteries.  11 installers attended the training.  Expect training material from the session and video highlights soon.


04.18.2013 - Two Trainings in May - Two training workshops are scheduled for the month of May.  One, beginning May 2 will train private electrical installers on battery maintenance, design and installation, as well as inverter programming.  The second, starting May 6, will be the first level II technician training, with previously trained technicians returning for the advanced course.


04.11.2013 - Technician Training Wrapping Up - The technician training workshop taking place at the UGP's new training facility this week will wrap up tomorrow.  The workshop saw the participation of 33 technicians from around Haiti, a greater number than expected.  Training sessions taught battery, inverter and generator maintenance as well as environmental management to technicians from facilities with recently installed energy systems.


03.26.2013 - Technician Training Next Week - A new group of hospital technicians will be trained in generator, inverter and battery maintenance at the UGP office in Port-au-Prince.  Participants are expected to inlcude 20-25 hospital technicians from the Port-au-Prince area.  This training session will be similar to previous courses, but will also include a module on environmental management.  Advanced training courses are also planned over the next year.  The session will be held the week of April 8.


03.05.2013 - HUEH Maternity Inauguration - The newly renovated maternity ward at HUEH, in Port-au-Prince, will be officially inaugurated Friday, March 8th.  The event will be attended by the First Lady of Haiti, the US Ambassador, USAID officials and other VIPs.  USAID, is investing heavily in the rehabilitation of the state hospital, coordinating between various projects to complete the work.  The IHFI project was responsible for electrical systems, lighting and ventilation, see examples of the work on our Photos page.


02.28.2013 - Administrator Training Update - The administrator training session held earlier this month saw the participation of twenty-nine hospital administrators from all over Haiti.  Presentations were given by IHFI team members and leaders from the UGP.  A full training report will be posted to Powering Health soon.  Also, look forward to several more technician's trainings this year, covering advanced topics such as generator troubleshooting and the National Electric Code (NEC).


02.05.2013 - Hatian Administrator Training - IHFI is holding an adminstrator training session today in Port-au-Prince to inform hospital administrators on general energy system management, budgeting for energy systems and data management with MSPP.


09.26.2012 - New backup power installations - IHFI is beginning work on new backup power installations in Haiti. Work at several sites has already started, with more to follow soon. These systems will provide clean power and battery storage to health labs at 8 hospitals around the country. These sites are marked with a NEW! icon on the installation Haiti map.


06.08.2012 - May training - Another round of hospital technician training was completed in May.  26 technicians were brought to Port-au-Prince for a week long course on the operation, maintenance and documentation of batteries, inverters and diesel generators.  Workshop materials and basic electrical tools were provided to each technician, and an interactive, one-day hands-on session was designed to meet the training objectives.


05.04.2012 - December training video - Highlights from the December 2011 IHFI training workshop are now featured in a new video!


03.30.2012 - February training - The latest IHFI training workshop focused on diesel generator operation and maintenance. 18 health facility technicians were invited to Haiti Tec in Port-au-Prince for 3 full days of classroom and field activities. On the last day of the training three generators at Hopital Universitaire de la Paix (HUP) were used for practical exercises.


03.30.2012 - Haiti training materials uploaded - Training materials used in March and December 2011 are now available on the Training Materials page. These materials include presentations, reference guides, examples, quizzes and tools used for training health facility technicians in Haiti.


Sites in Haiti

Scroll over locations pin-pointed on the map for a description of ongoing work under the Improving Health Facility Infrastructure (IHFI) project and links to relevant materials.

The Challenge in Haiti

Outside Hôpital Immaculee Conception des Cayes, south of Port-au-Prince.

In Haiti, the quality of grid power is arguably some of the worst in the world. Many health facilities receive only a few hours of power per day with prolonged outages of up to a month not uncommon in some locations. The lack of reliable electricity in health facilities across the country complicates the storage of cold chain dependent blood, laboratory reagents and HIV rapid test kits. Power anomalies cause damage to laboratory equipment and jeopardize the accuracy of sensitive laboratory tests. In addition, a significant portion of many health facilities operating budget is used for the purchase of diesel fuel to power generators during frequent power outages. Reducing this expense would allow these facilities to use these funds for other priority needs.  

The USAID Energy Team has been providing support to USG PEPFAR programs in Haiti to improve energy services at critical health facilities. To date, this support has consisted of energy needs assessments, energy system retrofits, and training courses for hospital technicians. Read on to learn more about the Improving Health Facility Infrastructure (IHFI) project, its main activities and results.

Click here for more photos of hospitals in HaitiHUEH Lab  (6)Abricots (2)Abricots (5)Beraca (1)Beraca (4)Ft. Liberte (4)Ft. Liberte (8)HIC Cayes (1)HIC Cayes (2)HIC Port de Paix (3)HIC Port de Paix (7)Jeremie (12)Jeremie (14)Limbe (12)Limbe (17)Marienne (6)Marienne (8)Pilate (8)Pilate (9)


Energy Assessments

HAITI - energy assessment example
Assessment of backup generator switches at Hôpital Saint Michel de Jacmel.

Before improvements can be made to the energy infrastructure at health facilities in Haiti, assessments of existing energy systems must be carried out in order to determine the correct course of action for each facility. Assessments include general information about the facility, its name, location, accessibility and key personnel. An accounting of energy demand within the facility estimates electrical loads due to lighting, air conditioning, computers, laboratory equipment and any other major energy consuming devices. The energy sources available to the facility are then examined: its access to the grid and availability throughout the day; generators, including age, size, hours of operation and maintenance schedules. Electrical distribution systems are assessed by inspecting switches, wiring and backup systems. Finally, recommendations are made for the improvement of each aspect of the facilities energy system. Under the IHFI project, guidelines and templates have been generated for energy assessments in Haiti.


Energy System Retrofits

Once facility energy systems have been assessed and recommendations for their improvement made, those recommendations can be implemented. Equipment must be specified, procured and installed. The main types of installations taking place under the IHFI project are back-up power systems which support critical and non-critical loads and protect sensitive laboratory equipment.  IHFI also undertakes electrical renovation work, installing wiring in compliance with the National Electric Code, replacing lighting fixtures, fans and air conditioners where necessary.  Solar photovoltaic systems have also been installed at select facilities in Haiti.

Take a closer look at some of IHFI's backup power installations in our slideshow, Haiti Hospital Infrastructure: Old and NewBad example (8)Bad example (14)Bad-genHospital Issues (1)Hospital Issues (2)Hospital Issues (6)Hospital Issues (13)Hospital Issues (17)Hospital Issues (18)IHFI Systems (1)IHFI Systems (15)IHFI Systems (22)IHFI Systems (44)IHFI Systems (53)IHFI Systems (55)IHFI Systems (70)IHFI Systems (77)IHFI Systems (90)IHFI Systems (91)IHFI Systems (110)IHFI Systems (113)IHFI Systems (148)IHFI Systems (150)

See before and after photos of IHFI's electrical work at Port-au-Prince's Hôpital de l’Université d’Etat d’Haïti (HUEH)satellitecampuselecworkexhaust fanwaitbeforewaitaftertriagebeforetriageduringtriageaftertriagefunctioningtdistbeforetdistafterorthobeforeorthoaftermaindistbeforemaindistafter

Or, for greater context, see the HUEH Emergency Ward Electrical Rehabilitation presentationSlide2Slide3Slide4Slide5Slide6Slide7Slide8Slide9Slide10Slide11Slide12Slide13Slide14Slide15Slide16Slide17Slide18Slide19Slide20


Training Program

HAITI - training example
Inverter system training underway during March, 2011 training session at Haiti Tec in Port-au-Prince.

The training of health facility electrical technicians in the use and maintenance of equipment is essential to the sustainability of the systems being installed under the IHFI project. Proper training not only helps to ensure the longevity of health facility energy systems, it increases the in-country technical capacity for further interventions. The training sessions developed through the IHFI project target health facility technicians and include courses on not only the proper operation and maintenance of system equipment such as batteries, inverters and generators, but also the technical background necessary to understand those systems, and operational best practices, such as record-keeping. Training sessions are designed and administered in partnership with Ministry of Health's Project Management Unit (MSPP UGP), in order to increase the training capacities within Haiti. The sessions are held at the UGP's new training facility.  See the following resources for more information on specific training workshops:

 View a compilation of photos from IHFI's Haitian hospital energy technician trainings.2011 Dec Training (13)2011 Dec Training (20)2011 Dec Training (24)2011 Mar Training (5)2011 Mar Training (11)2011 Mar Training (29)2011 Mar Training (32)2012 March Training  (3)2012 March Training  (4)2012 March Training  (7)2012 March Training  (8)2012 March Training  (11)2012 May Training (1)2012 May Training (4)2012 May Training (8)2012 May Training (9)2012 May Training (11)

Also see our Videos page for videos of IHFI training sessions, or energy system training videos in Haitian Creole.


Technical Papers

HAITI - installation example
New inverter system installed at Dame Marie.

 In an effort to further increase technical capacity and the knowledge base surrounding the energy system interventions implemented under the IHFI project, a series of technical papers will be produced. These original papers will focus on specific technologies, their application in the healthcare sector and their relevance within the context of health facility energy systems in developing countries. The information captured in these documents should prove to be a valuable resource for implementers, researchers, administrators and others interested in health facility energy systems.


Remote Monitoring

Tracking energy system performance over time is an important aspect of ensuring the sustainability of the interventions undertaken by the IHFI project. Remote monitoring systems will allow for energy system performance data to be collected, analyzed and reviewed by health facility technicians, administrators and donors. Such systems provide access, via the internet, to information critical in identifying system failures, seasonal and operational trends and other valuable performance data. Making such data available to stakeholders will result in a more successful, more sustainable and more transparent project.




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