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Videos related to energy system training in Haiti.  Meant as a training resource to Haitians in the health sector, or to exemplify on-going training programs for health facility technicians, these videos give an inside look at USAID's efforts on the ground.

These videos may also be found on Powering Health's YouTube channel.  Click on an image to view the video.


USAID's IHFI - Powering Health in Haiti - Short Version

A shortened version of USAID's IHFI - Powering Health in Haiti video.  Poor electricity in Haiti poses a serious challenge to doctors and patients, practical approaches to improving power can help raise the level of care.

USAID's IHFI - Powering Health in Haiti

A short documentary on USAID's Improving Health Facility Infrastrcuture (IHFI) project in Haiti.  Learn about IHFI's technical and institutional approach to bringing better power to Haiti's hospitals.

May 2013 - IHFI Energy System Installer Training

Highlights from IHFI's advanced battery and inverter training for local electrical installers in Haiti.  This course covered battery failure modes and installation preparation - taught by James Surrette of Surrette Batteries - and inverter wiring.

May 2012 - IHFI Haiti Generator Maintenance Training

Look inside IHFI's comprehensive generator maintenance training.  Over several days, Haitian hospital energy technicians attend classroom lectures and gain hands-on experience, learning the ins and outs of diesel generator maintenance.

December 2011 - IHFI Haiti Battery/Inverter & Generator Training

In December of 2011, IHFI trained 13 hospital energy technicians, 1 administrator and 2 technical staff through a mix of classroom activities and field experience covered the essentials of battery, inverter and generator maintenance.

Improving Energy Systems in Haitian Hospitals

The USAID Energy Team works to improve the energy situation in hospitals.  After conducting assessments, the Energy Team focused on setting up pilot installations in the country; bringing rigor and consistency to power back-up systems.

How to Properly Use you Health Facility's New Power Back-up System

A training video for medical staff to ensure that power back-up systems are used properly, cared for, maintained, and respected. This video includes a helpful "DOs" and "DON'Ts" list. (In Haitian Creole with English subtitles.)

How to Properly Use, Install and Program a Typical Battery/Inverter/PV System

A training video for electrical technicians. This video is intended to complement a more detailed training course on how to install a battery/inverter back-up power system for hospitals and clinics.

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